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Hi Tri Series


Mahalo to all of our sponsors.

Wellness &
Health Sponsor


We empower individuals to restore and improve their physical ability through focused, evidence-based exercise and hands-on treatment. The experienced and highly credentialed therapists at OrthoSport provide one-on-one care, with advanced skills in the treatment of orthopedic, sport related, and neurologic issues. Come see how our diverse team of experts can help you achieve outstanding results, overcoming injury and speeding your recovery towards a healthy active lifestyle.


Venue Sponsor

Turtle Bay Resort

Discover a dream destination at Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hawaii. Explore paradise with astonishing scenery, breathtaking beaches, and unique experiences.

The Turtle Bay Resort is the host venue for our annual Turtle Bay Turkey Trot & Triathlon

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Pepsi Co.

PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers more than one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and a supporter of the Hi Tri Series, ensuring that our athletes always stay hydrated!

Elite Sports

A Jiu Jitsu gi should fit and feel like it was made just for you. At Elite Sports, we know that our customers won’t settle for just any bjj gi, but that there is a huge number of BJJ enthusiasts like us who want a gi that has it all, including, the stylish look, right fit and comfort, and a price that won’t hurt your wallet. You will never feel constrained in an elite sports bjj gis as they allow a full range of motion.

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Born Tough

In today’s world, it is an absolute necessity to stay cool and functional when going about our day-to-day activities. Born Tough Apparel helps aid those necessities by offering the best extensive variety of men’s workout shorts with pockets.

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